CILT Certified Supply Chain Management

Monday 18th – Wednesday 20th March 2019 | Crowne Plaza Hotel, Riyadh – KSA | 09:00 AM – 03:00 PM

Brought to you by a leading industry expert from the UK!

7000 SAR per participant inclusive of Certificate, Course Material, Lunch & Refreshments



Supply Chain Management is crucial to your business! Are you getting the benefits of optimized supply chain practices?

Increased Efficiency Rate – Decreased Cost & Increased Output – Increased Profit – Transformed Cooperation with Vendors and Distributors – Delay Reduction – Enhanced Supply Chain Network

Did you know that optimized supply chain management is essential for your company to adapt to fluctuating economies, emergency markets and shorter product lifecycles?

Do you know how to decrease your costs via streamlined inventory, storage and responsiveness while building more advantageous relationships with vendors and distributors?

Do you have practices that mitigate or offset the consequences of logistical distribution errors, late shipments and production hold ups? Is your supply chain network fully enhanced and integrated?

79% of companies with high-performing supply chains EXCEED average revenue growth within their industries…

Are you getting the best benefits for your company?

Join us in this exciting CILT Certified Introductory Masterclass on Supply Chain Management!

Dive deep into Supply Chain Management with our leading industry expert from the UK!

By the End of the Workshop you will:

  • Get a firm grip on effective logistics and supply chain management practices
  • Develop the skills to analyze and examine your company’s current operations
  • Be equipped to improve supply chain management in your organization

Course Outline


Module 1: Understanding what Supply Chain and Logistics Management
  • Definitions of logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • The interrelations and connections of Buying, Making, Moving, and Selling activities
  • History and the development
  • A view of the future.


Module 2: Key Aspects of Supply Chain Management
  • The cost/service balance
  • Customer service principles
  • Lead times throughout the supply chain
  • Adding value
  • Production options/changes
  • Trade off opportunities


Module 3: The Benefits of Adopting a Supply Chain Strategy Management
  • Understanding the sub-functional conflicts
  • Benefits within and between functions taking a supply chain view of total acquisition costs
  • Accepting that competitive advantage comes from the Supply Chain
  • Why a Supply Chain approach will change traditional ways
  • Looking at demand amplifications, and the “Forester” effect,
  • Appreciating the effects of uncertainty and unresponsiveness
  • Seeing how we currently manage the supply chain
  • Changing the way, we manage the Supply Chain for effectiveness


Module 4: Impacts to the Supplier/Customer relationships
  • Practical effects on lot sizes/order quantities
  • Cost reduction
  • Sharing developments
  • Eliminating internal and external barriers
  • Interfacing versus integrating relationships.


Module 5: Implementing a Logistics/Supply Chain Management Approach
  • Changes needed with suppliers and customers.
  • Changes needed to internal organization & management practices
  • Potential actions to take
  • The “doing nothing” future, with “lessons from experience”
  • Guarding against futures of higher stock levels and competition gains
  • Breaking down traditional silo/closed management
  • Professional Case Studies from the Industry


Who Should Attend?

Managers in Supply Chain, Procurement & Logistics – Graduates who seek a career in procurement or supply chain – Department Heads – Procurement Professionals & Managers – Project Managers – Contract Specialists and Managers – Operations and Procurement Managers – Retailers and Logistic Managers – Freight and Cargo Dealers

Meet our Trainer!

Alex Borg


Alex is more than just a trainer! He is the Regional Director for CILT International for UAE & GCC Region. CILT-UAE is the national council for CILT International in UAE based in Dubai (

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